Andrey Sitnik's post on how to favicon in 2021 is right up my street as ostensibly its a lot less faff than doing all of the files we make as standard.

Weirdly this was on my mind this week as we are beginning to modernise our dev workflow at the office.

I'm not sure for most of the work I do (websites) that anything more than a favicon.ico is really necessary. However, I do like the idea of making sure things are finished nicely (like a cabinet maker caring what the back of the unit looks like).

Mostly our icon generation isn't manual; we use The Real Favicon Generator, integrated with our build step. Seen as favicons are usually a set it and forget it deal, this new way is actually a little bit more cumbersome. I like the simplicity of it though, and I like the idea of providing light and dark icons via SVG with a media query in it.

Maybe time to write a little Node CLI...

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