If you ask me, I'm gonna ask how much you got. I am aware that makes me sound like a jerk. Or a con artist. Let me explain why it makes sense for both of us.

My partner and I are currently trying to buy a house (I know. Pretty cool). Now there are houses and there are houses. One of the first questions the Estate Agent will ask is always "what's your budget?"

An estate agent needs to know how much I have so we don't waste each others time either looking at stuff I can't afford or places I don't wanna live.

A website is a lot like a house. It can be big. Or small. Complicated or easy to build. Have lots of features or hardly any. It has running and upkeep costs… You get the idea.

I have a figure in my head of £250 to £300 per day when I look at a project. How many days it takes me are dependent on a lot of things, as explained above. Is that amount negotiable? Everything is negotiable.

Building a website or app is a 2 way thing. Both you and I are gonna dance. What you initally wanted might not be possible for your budget. But we can work out a solution to your problem that is within your budget (probably) and build the best website you can afford.

So… what do you wanna make and how much you got?


Inspired by this tweet