I recently tried Curry Würst (or tomato sauce with a side of frankfurter and chips). It was disgusting, but got me thinking about sauces.

This is an unordered list of the best sauce-plus-food combinations. Don't @ me.

  • Salad Cream with Lasagne. I promise. This is the best sauce/food combination.
  • Barbecue Sauce with Fried or Scrambled Eggs. This is the only sauce you should have with eggs. Except...
  • Chilli Sauce with Eggs (any way). Especially Encona Hot Pepper Sauce, Sriracha or Sweet Chilli. Also with Avocado. The chilli sauce should be hot.
  • Worcestershire Sauce with Cheese and Beans on toast This is my comfort food.

P.S. Also, Bacon should be eaten with Brown Sauce. Not tomato.