Reincubate are the makers of Camo, an app which lets you use your iPhone as a webcam. This is a good rundown of how and why webcams are always bad.

After consulting numerous webcam buying guides and reviews, purchasing a handful of the most popular models, and testing them in varying lighting situations, I can't escape the grim truth: there are no good webcams. Even webcams recommended by reputable outlets produce poor quality imagery—a significant failing, given it’s the one job they're supposed to provide.

True story, 2 weeks ago, I bought a webcam. I didn't want to spend loads. I read through a lot of reviews and ended up spending £50 on a Logitech one. It was awful and I returned it the next day. I used the money to buy a phone stand for my desk.

I was on Camo's beta over the summer and really liked it, then completely forgot about it. The free tier is perfectly good enough for me and the faff of having to plug my phone in and put it in a stand is worth it for the picture quality.

The kicker:

Apple's research and development budget over six months is more than Logitech's gross yearly revenue, because Apple realized that the iPhone's camera could be a serious competitive advantage.

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